Wednesday, January 16, 2013


And there's the taste of magic! Hidden in between the do's and don'ts. In plain sight and hard to find. And it's even more perfect than it ever was. As if it could be possible to make it even more incredible... It's amazing how much can be found when you are not looking. How magic invades every single corner of our lives once there is only that to live for, once your only purpose is to stay in it... In that magical place that can only be found deep inside one of us. That unsual and amazing place where everything is possible if you just believe.

Life has given me reasons to believe. To believe in a bigger purpose! Its has made me create my own special brand of magic. That which moves me, creates me, transforms me into nothing more than whatever it is I decide to be... Hopeful, innocent, thoughtful, caring, frightful, playful, loving.. What more could I possibly ask for?... Magic